Natural Quality from the Black Forest

Natural Quality from the Black Forest

The “Made in Germany” label represents the outstanding natural quality of our products, which are manufactured exclusively in the Black Forest. We believe in sustainability and eco-social responsibility.


The finest ingredients

We only use the best raw ingredients, such as cold-pressed plant oils, essential oils, herbal extracts, marine ingredients, and vitamins. We give preference to organically grown plant ingredients.

Demijohns in our herb garden

In our own herb garden you'll see large demijohns where many different kinds of flowers are immersed in oil and left in the sun. We use these oils in our creams, lotions and skin oils.

Fountain in the Börlind herb garden

The water we use in our production processes comes from our own source. This spring water is not chemically treated, so it is always natural and revitalizing.

As a midsize family business, we use modern technology, to extract as many active ingredients as possible from the plant.

Foyer in the company building

Even our company building is constructed in line with ecological principles. The energy we use to produce hot water is derived from our production and cooling processes using heat recovery technology.

Dermatologically tested means that the effectiveness and optimum compatibility of our products is verified by independent dermatological tests.