Medical care. Natural effect.

Unique care ranges for sensitive-skin conditions.

Today, skin problems have virtually become part of everyday life. More and more people are developing sensitive, allergic, dry or blemished skin. Numerous influences, such as sunlight, air pollution and harmful substances in our food, but also predisposition, play a great role in this. Unfortunately, detrimental ingredients in many skin-care products also contribute to intolerance reactions or a deterioration in the skin’s appearance. 

We’re convinced: Only those who understand the skin can meet its needs to an optimum! For beautiful skin is healthy skin!

With DADO SENS DERMACOSMETICS, we’ve made it our goal to give the skin what it really needs – from a medical point of view and on a natural basis. In many years of research and collaboration with dermatologists, unique care ranges for sensitive-skin conditions have been developed, offering efficacy that can be seen and felt, and dermatologically tested skin-compatibility. DADO SENS combines the best nature has to offer with the extremely high demands of sensitive, problem skin – regardless of whether it’s for day-to-day care or to accompany a therapy.

For people of all ages, allergy sufferers, people with very dry skin, atopic dermatitis, diabetes, psoriasis, rosacea, blemishes or acne, DADO SENS is your expert for dermacosmetics

For us it’s evident – skin care is a matter of trust. That’s why we promise to offer you our products in the best quality and with clear information about ingredients and effects. 

Thank you for your confidence. We wish you all the best for your skin!

Michael Lindner and the DADO SENS skin-care team