An overview of dermatological skin care with DADO SENS

Dry, sensitive skin

Damaging environmental influences, aggressive substances or hereditary and age-related factors have led to an increase in extremely dry, sensitive skin. The skin chaps, fails to bind the moisture supplied, and dries out. Flaking and itching are the result. 

ExtroDerm is our care range for extremely dry and sensitive skin.

The products can also be used to accompany a therapy for atopic dermatitis or psoriasis.
ExtroDerm is suitable both for small children and for caring for the skin of elderly people.

Blemished skin

Blemished skin and acne are problems that not only occur during adolescence, but which are also frequently experienced by adults in the form of what is known as “late acne”. Blackheads and pimples appear on oily skin, but also on dry or combination skin.

PurDerm offers mild care for blemished skin. The products can also be used to accompany a therapy for acne and late acne.

The range is suitable for blemished combination skin, as well.

Sensitive skin prone to allergies

The skin reacts sensitively to various environmental influences. Ingredients in cosmetics, such as fragrances, colorings and preservatives, can also irritate the skin. Allergy sufferers or people with perioral dermatitis require particularly mild, non-irritant care.

ProBalance is our care series for soothing sensitive skin prone to allergies. The products can also be used as accompanying care for perioral dermatitis.

Developed for allergy sufferers. Tested for skin compatibility.

Highly sensitive facial skin

Highly sensitive, irritated facial skin with a susceptibility to couperose through to rosacea requires intensive care and gentle soothing.

The particularly mild and gentle innovative care offered by SENSACEA convinces with perceptible efficacy and optimum skin-compatibility.

Light to medium facial redness is alleviated and temporary redness reduced.

Sensitive, demanding skin

With increasing age, our skin becomes thinner. Mature skin loses moisture and substances essential to its well-being. Its powers of regeneration and resistance decrease. Sensitive skin becomes even more sensitive and may therefore age prematurely. Allergy sufferers require anti-aging care that is particularly compatible with the skin.

REGENERATIONE – An anti-aging care series for mature, sensitive, demanding skin.

Developed for allergy sufferers. Tested for skin compatibility.