Tips for allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin

If you have very sensitive skin or are susceptible to allergies, you should approach skin-care products carefully and avoid critical ingredients. Below you will find a general recommendation, plus descriptions of some of the most common substances which we advise against using over the long term for sensitive skin or skin prone to allergies.

General recommendation:

If you have sensitive skin or skin prone to allergies, you should take particular care whenever you come into contact with a new product. We do, of course, make great efforts to develop our DADO SENS products so that the risk of allergy is as low as possible. However, even with the most careful selection of ingredients and extremely intensive dermatological testing, no cosmetics manufacturer can guarantee 100 % skin-compatibility, because increasing numbers of people react to everyday substances, such as milk, wheat, or even water.

So we always recommend people who suffer from allergies to test a new product on a small, inconspicuous part of their body first, e.g. in the crook of their arm, and to wait for 24 hours before using the product on larger areas of skin or their face.

Problematic ingredients for allergy sufferers:

The following listed ingredients should be particularly avoided by allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin. DADO SENS consciously excludes these ingredients from its products, uses alternatives or, as in the case of colorings and preservatives, provides information about their deployment.

Sodium lauryl sulfate*Sodium lauryl sulfate*

Sodium lauryl sulfate is a surfactant (= a surface-active substance) found in most cleansing products, regardless of whether they are for household cleaning or cleansing the skin. It has considerable foaming qualities and dissolves grease and oil. So it can dry out the skin severely and may result in irritation over the long term. Sodium lauryl sulfate can even be found as the first or second item in the list of ingredients of classic “sensitive” products sold in supermarkets and in baby products since it is a very cheap cleansing substance.


At DADO SENS, only mild surfactants are used.

Paraffins (declared* as paraffinum liquidum or petrolatum, for example)Paraffins (declared* as paraffinum liquidum or petrolatum, for example)

Particularly in the case of very sensitive skin, it should be ensured that care products only contain ingredients which are very compatible with the skin and do not cause it any stress. The oil components in conventional care products are often paraffins (declared as: paraffinum liquidum or petrolatum). Paraffin is inexpensive, easy to incorporate into products, and relatively stable. Mineral oil or Vaseline are frequently found in medicated preparations, for example. As a rule, these are tolerated well by the skin. However, the opinion is that paraffins can dry the skin out over the long term.

Petroleum derivatives have no similarity with the oils that occur in the skin and cannot be utilized by it. So it is better to care for sensitive skin in particular with natural ingredients and oils that can be used by the skin to assist with regeneration. In addition to polyunsaturated fatty acids, also known as omega-3 fatty acids, natural oils normally contain secondary plant substances as well. These help the skin to maintain its natural functions and assist in stimulating its natural regeneration processes.


All DADO SENS products are 100 % free of paraffins.

Colorings (declared* as CI 77489, for example)Colorings (declared* as CI 77489, for example)

Colorings are usually denoted by the letters “Cl”, followed by a number. Nowadays, many people are allergic to colorings and cannot use tinted products or color cosmetics, such as eyeshadows, lipsticks or foundation, because they react with intolerance reactions to the colorings these contain.


At DADO SENS, only PurDerm Tinted Cream light and dark contain colorings.

All other products are 100 % free of colorings.

Polyethylene glycols (declared* as PEG-8, for example)Polyethylene glycols (declared* as PEG-8, for example)

Polyethylene glycols are used in a vast number of cosmetic products and are listed on packaging as PEG-8, PEG-18, or similar. They are used as solubilizers to smooth certain substances in a formula. Today, it is known that polyethylene glycols can promote penetration, i.e. the skin may become more penetrable for active ingredients. However, this means that possible toxins may also be able to penetrate into the body more easily. For this reason, manufacturers of natural cosmetic products reject the use of polyethylene glycols in their cosmetics.


All DADO SENS products are 100 % free of polyethylene glycols (PEG).

Silicones (declared* as cyclomethicone or dimethicone, for example)Silicones (declared* as cyclomethicone or dimethicone, for example)

On packaging, silicone is usually specified as “dimethicone”. Silicones are synthetic polymers. In cosmetic products, they serve to create a smooth, silky feeling on the skin (or hair). This effect is brought about by silicone oils which lie like a dense film on the skin or around the hair. It is often said that the skin can no longer “breathe” or is “sealed in”. This means that, depending on the concentration of silicone, an impairment in the skin’s metabolism may result over the long term.

In shampoos and conditioners, a relatively high concentration of silicone is often used so that the individual hair fibers are enveloped, making the hair easier to comb. However, the scalp may react to this with itching and flaking.


All DADO SENS products are 100 % free of silicones.

Preservatives, parabens (declared* as methylparaben, for example)Preservatives, parabens (declared* as methylparaben, for example)

Many preservatives can trigger irritation and should therefore be avoided by sensitive skin. They include the following declared substances: chlorhexidine, chlorphenesine, triclosan, sodium benzoate, iodopropynyl butylcarbamate, parabens...


All DADO SENS products are 100 % free of parabens.

Most of our products do not include any preservatives either. Where a preservative is necessary, DADO SENS uses Phenoxyethanol.

Fragrances (declared* as aroma [fragrance] or perfume)Fragrances (declared* as aroma [fragrance] or perfume)

For people suffering from allergies to fragrances, the compulsory labeling of perfume/aroma and allergenic fragrances in cosmetics is of great assistance.


At DADO SENS, the only products perfumed are some of those in the PurDerm range. In SalvaCare and Tea Tree Ointment, natural fragrances from the essential oils they include are contained and declared, but the products are not perfumed.

All our other products are 100 % free of perfumes.

* ingredients in accordance with INCI

Listing the ingredients in accordance with INCI (the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) on product packaging allows a uniform, language-independent declaration of ingredients throughout Europe.

On our product pages, you will find the INCIs under the term “Ingredients”. Clicking an INCI name provides you with a description of the ingredient.