Allergy / Allergy-prone skin

Allergy-prone skin reacts very sensitively to various substances, which frequently include conventional cosmetics. Allergies appear as itchy, red areas on the skin, sometimes accompanied by a swollen face and the formation of papules, blisters or wheals, as well as flaking. Allergies to fragrances, certain preservatives, cream bases and colorings are common.


Basic dermacosmetic care:

Care products for allergy-prone skin should only contain ingredients which are very skin-compatible and do not have a high potential for causing allergies. The products should be free of fragrances, certain preservatives, and colorings. Their cream bases should offer the highest degree of compatibility with the skin. It is important that the care products soothe the skin quickly and increase its resistance.

DADO SENS care recommendation:

  • Normal to oily skin:   


  • Dry skin:


  • Mature skin: