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Increased formation of calluses (hyperkeratosis) may have mechanical causes, come from chronic inflammation or skin infections, or be an accompanying symptom of various skin disorders and skin tumors. It can affect any area of skin. Depending on predisposition, mechanically induced calluses causing aesthetic impairment often occur on the elbows and soles of the feet. However, severe perspiration (hyperhidrosis) on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet, as well as fungal infections and chronic eczema, can result in thickening of the horny layer, too. In the case of mechanical stress, the dry, inelastic corneous skin is prone to cracking and sometimes also to deep, painful fissures. 

Dermacosmetic care: 

Ideal for calluses are care products that soften and dissolve horny skin, while restoring moisture to it. Emulsions containing (up to 10 %) urea and a high proportion of oil (W/O creams = water-in-oil creams), and thick, oily creams or ointments are frequently used. W/O creams or ointments containing salicylic acid to dissolve the calluses are also deployed. However, the disadvantages of these are that they are not easily absorbed by the skin, and that they can be too aggressive if used over the long term.

Light O/W (oil-in-water) lotions are an alternative to these. They are absorbed much more rapidly and so make daily use easier. Calluses are reduced considerably more gently by salt of salicylic acid (= sodium salicylate). In a suitable formula, the salicylic acid contained is released in lower concentrations on a continuous basis, and so takes effect over a long period and is better tolerated by the skin. In combination with ingredients such as sage extract and tea tree oil, the risk of inflammation and fungal infections is reduced. (However, these substances and the ones described next should not be used on the skin if you are allergic to them.) Sage also reduces perspiration. To promote regeneration of the dry, cracked skin, panthenol and superior oil components, such as shea butter, sesame oil and squalane, can be recommended. Preparations of this kind are suitable for everyday foot care, e.g. for people suffering from diabetes, as well. 


DADO SENS care recommendation:

  • Day and night care:   

SalvaCare Anti-Callus Balm

  • Intensive care:

SalvaCare Intensiv Intensive Foot Balm