Contact dermatitis

Contact dermatitis

Contact dermatitis develops through direct contact with external (exogenous) substances. A differentiation is made between irritant, toxic and allergic contact dermatitis. The former condition is caused by direct irritation of the skin by exogenous substances. When a (type IV) hypersensitivity reaction has occurred, allergic contact dermatitis may develop. This hypersensitivity reaction may also be transferred by the blood to other areas of skin which have no direct contact with the exogenous allergen, so causing “hematogenously spread contact dermatitis”. Both irritant, toxic and allergic contact dermatitis can lead to acute and chronic eczematous reactions.

Basic dermacosmetic care:

Dermacosmetic basic care makes an important contribution to the successful treatment of contact dermatitis. It serves to stabilize the disturbed skin barrier and protects against further moisture loss. Care products should be selected in accordance with the stage of the disorder. Chronic, and therefore dryer dermatitis, sometimes accompanied by a thickening and hardening of the skin (lichenification), usually requires products richer in oil than acute, often weeping, dermatitis. This means that, in addition to the therapeutic use of oily/moist poultices, weeping dermatitis can be cared for with light oil-in-water creams or lotions that soothe the skin and regenerate the skin barrier.


DADO SENS care recommendation:

  • Normal to oily skin:   

ProBalance Akut Soothing Acute Cream / ProBalance Akut Soothing Acute Spray

  • Dry skin: