Dry skin

Dry skin

The water content of dry, dehydrated skin is too low. In addition, the functions of the lipids (fats) that protect the skin, and the latter’s natural moisture-binding mechanisms, are disturbed. This impairs the skin’s important epidermal barrier function.

The result is an increased loss of water through the skin (transepidermal water loss), which leaves it feeling dry and tight and often makes it red. Small wrinkles occur and, sometimes, cracks, flaking and itching.


Basic dermacosmetic care:

The disturbed barrier function of dry skin makes it easier for ingredients to be absorbed. However, this also applies to substances with the potential to irritate the skin and to trigger allergies. Care products for dry skin should therefore be particularly skin-compatible and, as far as possible, free of irritants and allergenic ingredients. The products should contain moisturizing factors (such as urea) that store long-lasting moisture in the skin.

They should also have regenerative qualities and restore lipids to the dry skin. These properties make Itching, a feeling of tightness and flaking disappear, help to reduce wrinkles, and assist in restoring the protective mechanisms of the skin barrier.

DADO SENS care recommendation:

  • Dry skin:


  • Mature facial skin:


  • Severely irritated areas:  

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