Oily skin / combination skin

Combination and oily (facial) skin are accompanied by hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands (seborrhea). A susceptibility to oily hair is frequently associated with this. Seborrhea normally begins after puberty and usually more or less disappears in the third decade of life. Oily skins are more susceptible to blemishes and acne, which are on the increase in adulthood, too. Men are affected more often than women, because male (androgen) hormones stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce oil. Some medicines, such as corticosteroids and anabolics, may also increase the flow of sebum. The seborrheic areas include the chest and the back, in addition to the face and the scalp.

Basic dermacosmetic care: 

For combination and oily skin, bases low in oil, such as emulsions containing a high proportion of water and a low proportion of oil (O/W creams), should be given preference. Gels and lotions are also compatible with this type of skin. Use of a mild cleansing product and a clarifying toner may help to regulate oil production.

DADO SENS care recommendation:

  • Basic care:


  • Supplementary anti-aging care:

Ectoin Anti-Aging Fluid

  • Severely irritated areas/pimples:  

PurDerm Anti-Blemish Roll-on

  • Sun protection:

Sun Gel SPF 15 / Sun Gel SPF 25